The Edgemaster is capable of extruding up to 300 ft of molded free-form concrete border edging per hour and can be operated by one person. Because it is light, self-propelled, and has a variety of profile designs - including parking lot, mower edge, driveway border and the ever popular sloping border, the curbing machine is extremely versatile. The Edgemaster EM800 also comes in either gas-powered or electric models for a choice to suit your particular needs and environmental concerns.

The Edgemaster EM800 features a slip steering mechanism which allows tight turns in as little as 20 inches and enables it to be operated in gardens and landscaped areas without damage to established plants.

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Edgemaster EM800 Specifications and Capabilities

  • EDGEMASTER has a 3 year manufacturers warranty, with all components, spare parts and replacement profiles available ex-stock in North America, Australia, and many other locations.
  • EDGEMASTER is available in either our popular "Green" electric model or gas-powered with the extremely reliable and eco-friendly Honda GX100 3.0 HP engine. (4.0 HP or larger motors are available upon request)
  • EDGEMASTER offers six popular profiles and importantly has two full hand-tools to suit each profile. Call us to know why!
  • A patented, pendulum, mechanical action results in excellent concrete mix feed and a cleaner hopper and ram area. This makes EDGEMASTER easy to use and your curbing stronger!
  • EDGEMASTER'S unique “slip-steering” mechanism allows tight turns of 20 inch radius and the adjustable steering & steering locks allow one man operation, creating smooth curves easily.
  • EDGEMASTER has the fewest moving parts of all curbing machines. Fewer moving parts means less maintenance and longer life cycle.
  • The EDGEMASTER profiles are easily changed (in less than 30 seconds) with a single bolt attachment.
  • The EDGEMASTER is protected with the latest hi-tech Powder Coating process, resulting in a long lasting tough baked paint finish. (Very easy to maintain.)
  • EDGEMASTER is very light at only 220lbs, yet has much “designed-in” strength through years of research and development.
  • The EDGEMASTER requires minimal drive power due to improved low friction design. This allows more economical and reliable operation.
  • EDGEMASTER has “Pro-Flip” handles on the telescopic height adjusters which allows close access along walls and fences or other obstructions.
  • The EDGEMASTER EM800 features over 20 exclusive features that will reduce your time at the job site, reduce material waste and create a stronger curb which equals more profits for your business. Contact us to learn how the EM800 can benefit your curbing business today!

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